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The AP100 is a high volume, ultra pure fog machine using liquid nitrogen and Deionized Water or WFI water to create about 15.5 cubic meters of fog per minute at a fog density of 1520 ml per minute for larger clean rooms, as well as stages and theaters. It is designed with a 316L stainless steel with an electro-polish finish. The AP100 can quickly produce large volumes of stage fog for theater and 3D theaters. The fog output would be used in large sterile rooms, large ISO suites and large semiconductor clean rooms during a 70 minute operating cycle. The AP100 Ultra Pure Fogger complies with USP 797 and ISO 14644-3, Annex B7 and Federal Standard 209E to visually describe airflow, patterns, direction, balance, dead zones and velocity for 3D airflow modeling  in large ISO suites, large sterile rooms and large clean rooms. No other ultra pure fogger is capable of this fog volume, which due to purity, can also be used for theatrical stage fog. No contamination is created and no clean up of any kind is required after visualizing the airflow. The fog evaporates back to the same air we breathe.

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AP100, Ultra Pure Cleanroom Fogger: 15.5 Cubic Meters / Minute for 90 minutes operation, 1520 ml per minute of Fog Density using 2 internal water heaters and 4 fog outputs

The AP100 Ultrapure Fogger supports clean room airflow visualization requirements, as well as stage fog, by quickly producing a high volume of fog with very high fog density to visualize airflow and provide stage fog. Traditional ultra pure foggers produce about 1.5 cubic meters per minute with a typical 250 ml per minute fog density. The AP100 produces 10 times more fog volume with 7 times more fog density and about 4 times more visual airflow distance. The high volume fog is ideal in large clean rooms, stages and theaters. The AP100 is a “Build to Order” product providing high volumes of visual airflow for larger ISO 1-9 suites, larger sterile rooms, larger clean rooms, theaters and stages. The AP100 uses liquid nitrogen and DI water or WFI water to quickly generate 15.5 cubic meters a minute of ultrapure fog to visualize large clean room areas. Ultrapure fog is breathable and evaporates back to the same air we breathe. Ultrapure Fog can also be safely used in 3D theaters, back projection and stages. The large volumes of ultrapure fog will travel for about 30-40 feet using 4 fog hose outputs. The fog evaporates back to the same air we breathe with no particles of any kind left behind. The AP100 can also be used as a safe stage fogger device. It is a far safer fog than using the traditional glycol fog, typically used in stage plays. No cleanup afterwards.

Smoke Studies and smoke tests use an LN2 ultrapure fogger to visualize airflow patterns and turbulence!

Fog Density is the controlling factor that enables a highly visual airflow for long distances. Fog density is a measure of how well you can track air movement; or how many fog vapor droplets are in a cubic centimeter of air. If you have a higher fog density, the airflow will be visible for longer distances, a requirement in larger clean rooms. At a nominal 2-3 microns in diameter and a fog density of 1520 ml per minute, the fog produced will visualize airflow for about 30-40 feet, one of the primary reasons of using the AP100 in large clean rooms. The AP100 uses 100 liters of liquid nitrogen and 14 liters of DI water or WFI water, and when power in turned on, a highly dense fog is produced, which floats into the airflow to visualize velocity, direction, turbulence, find dead airflow zones and balance airflow. 114000 ml of liquid is converted to fog at 2-3 micron vapor diameter, resulting in 1520 ml of fog density. This is 7 times more than traditional ultra pure fog generators and 3 times more then our AP35 ultrapure fogger. The AP100 produces more fog and is ideal for use in large clean rooms, large sterile rooms, large ISO suites and video stages.
AP100 ultra pure fogger – The AP100 is used in smoke studies of clean rooms, ISO suites and sterile rooms to provide visualization of airflow, flow patterns, dead spaces and turbulence, supporting USP 797 In-Situ Airflow Analysis, USP 800 Compound Pharmacy airflow requirements, ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 airflow guidelines and semiconductor clean room guidelines, Federal Standard 209E.

Ultrapure nitrogen foggers are used to provide high levels of fog in clean rooms, sterile rooms and ISO suites. It is also a very safe alternative for use as theatrical stage fog, replacing glycol foggers, which are not safe to breathe on stage. Liquid nitrogen is boiled to generate high levels of nitrogen molecules, which are mixed with de-ionized water or water for injection to produce an ultrapure fog at 15.5 cubic meters per minute for 90 minutes. More than 30 feet of visible airflow is provided, about 1162 cubic meters of ultra pure fog during a fog cycle. 100 liters of ln2 is filled into a dual wall LN2 Dewar and water is filled into a stainless steel, dual heating chamber. Water is brought to a high temperature and the liquid nitrogen boils at room temperature, allowing the vapor from both liquids to form a very visible, ultrapure, fog. The boiling process creates pure nitrogen molecules and water molecules, which combine to create a nominal 2-3 micron fog vapor droplet at a very high fog density. The high purity fog exits in the airflow with minimal disturbance of airflow. The AP100 provides the greatest visible air flow distance of 30-40 feet to visualize airflow turbulence and patterns. Video, 3D airflow modeling and stage fog is easily generated as the dense fog provides superb contrast between the fog and back ground. No contaminants are released into the airflow and the nitrogen/water fog evaporates back to the same elements we breathe. 16 Meg Ohm DI water is typically used, but WFI water can also be used, and in theatrical applications, tap water can be used. The AP100 provides increased visual distance of the moving airflow in large clean rooms.

Performance of the AP100 Cleanroom Ultra Pure Fogger– Request a Quote

Metric AP35 Cleanroom Ultrapure Fogger AP100 Ultra Pure Fogger
FOG Duration about 70 minutes about 90 minutes
FOG Volume Output 5 cubic meters per minute with adjustable 2-5 cubic meters output using 1 water heater and 1 fog hose output about 15.5 cubic meters per minute, adjustable fog volume output using 2 water heaters and 4 fog hose outputs
Total FOG Volume about 375 cubic meters, ultrapure fog in smaller clean rooms about 1162 cubic meters, ultra pure fog in larger clean rooms
Fog Density (ml/minute) supports visible fog distance about 571 mL per minute converted to ultrapure fog about 1520 ml per minute converted to ultra pure fog
Visible Fog Distance about 20-30 feet visible airflow distance about 30-40 feet visible airflow distance
FOG Type Ultrapure Fog using LN2 + (DI Water or WFI Water) Ultra pure Fog using LN2 + (DI Water or WFI Water)
Class of Clean Room Use Class 1 to 10,000 Class 1 to 10,000
Compatible Guidelines USP 797 Insitu Airflow Analysis, ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 airflow visualization, USP 800 Compound Pharmacy airflow test, Semiconductor Clean rooms USP 797 Insitu Airflow Analysis, ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 airflow visualization, USP 800 Compound Pharmacy airflow test, Semiconductor Clean rooms
Type of Room Smaller Clean Rooms, Sterile Rooms, ISO Suites, Medical Rooms Larger Clean Rooms, Sterile Rooms, ISO Suites, Medical Rooms
Water Boiler volume 5.0 liters 10 liters
LN2 Dewar volume 35 Liters
100 Liters
Method of Operation Direct or Remote Wireless
Direct or Remote Wireless
Method of Movement Rolling enclosure
Rolling enclosure
Liquid Weight 28.14 kg (62.04 lbs) LN2 and 4.8 Kg (10.6 lbs) Water   (177.26 lbs) LN2 and 29.7 lbs Water
Standard Power Requirements 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10A 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10A
Optional Power 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15A; 100VAC 50HZ, 15A 220VAC is preferred for faster operation, but AP100 can be built to 115VAc requirements
Dimensions, Inches 1095mm x 540mm x 766mm 1.2M x 700mm x 800mm
Dimensions, Metric 42.7 inches x 21.06 inches x 29.9 inches
Full Weight 77 kg (170 lb.) 398 pounds

Cleanroom Ultra Pure Fogger Features – Request a Quote

Apollo Fog Curtain
AP100 Ultra Pure Fog for Smoke Studies in Clean Rooms
  • Adjustable, ultra pure airflow visualization to describe direction, velocity and patterns in airflow
  • Modular design for simple operation and maintenance
  • Direct fogger control or remote control by wireless key fob to operate behind a closed wall or closed area
  • Visualization of unwanted gas emission locations and dead zones
  • Supports test for ISO 14644-3 ANNEX B7 airflow visualization
  • Supports analysis for Pharmaceutical USP 797 Guidelines and airflow visualization
  • Supports NSF 49 National Safety Foundation for airflow visualization
  • Supports the future USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compounding for airflow visualization
  • Supports airflow visualization test for Semiconductor Semi-Standards Guidelines
  • Tracking routes of unwanted air flow infiltration into clean rooms
  • No contamination created, no contamination left behind
  • No cleanup of any kind after fog visualization
  • Superb 3D airflow modeling capabilities with high density fog
  • Very low fog exit pressure, no exit turbulence as fog enters airflow
  • Compact, transportable, shipping case
  • Fog stream output and fog rake output
  • For use in sterile rooms, ISO suites and clean rooms
  • High density fog visualization provides the best airflow visualization of any fog generator in the market
  • Exhaust and ventilation studies around wafer handling systems
  • Air balance studies in Pharmaceutical suites and clean rooms

Cleanroom Ultra Pure Fog Generator Advantages – Request a Quote

Very dense, Stream Fog
  • Highest fog density by converting 1520 ml of liquid per minute to an ultra pure fog
  • Very dense, Stream Fog from four, 5 meter x 80 mm fog hose outlets
  • Greatest visible airflow distances of 30 plus feet
  • Highest volume of ultra pure fog at 15.5 cubic meters per minute
  • Total volume of 1162 cubic meters of ultra pure fog per operating cycle
  • Longest operating time of 90 minutes
  • No contamination is created, no cleanup is required, no contamination to the process
  • No turbulence created as fog enters the airflow
  • Roller castors for easy movement over floor
  • Four 80mm fog hose outlets
  • User Friendly display and touch pads
  • Stainless steel contacts the LN2 and DI Water for best purity of fog
  • very low fog exit pressure that does not create a disturbance to airflow
  • Optional LED Light accessory to provide high contrast between visualized airflow and background
  • Optional 350 mm Fog Nozzle accessory to spread standard fog stream out as it enters air flow
  • Optional 500 mm Fog Nozzle accessory to spread standard fog stream out faster as it enters air flow
  • Optional Y Adaptor accessory to convert single fog output into two separate fogger hoses for two separate fog inputs to your clean room
  • Optional T Adaptor accessory to convert single fog output into two Fog Curtain Wands to spread fog pattern out across wide area
  • Optional 10 Meter Transparent Fog Hose to use with Y Adaptor
  • Optional 1.3 Meter or 2 Meter Fog Curtain Wands to spread fog stream out into a wide fog pattern
  • Easy DI Water and LN2 fill up

* Fog distance measured at 40% humidity and air velocity of 90fpm. Visual fog distance decreases as humidity decreases or as airflow velocity increases.

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