AP35 Ultrapure Fogger



AP35 Utrapure Fogger is designed with a 316L Stainless Steel body and enclosure and electro-polish finish. It uses liquid nitrogen and Deionized Water or WFI water to generate about 5 cubic meters of ultra pure fog per minute with a fog density of 571 ml per minute for smoke studies. LN2 fogger technology was developed in 2001 for smoke studies and air flow characterization in clean rooms. The fog output is adjustable from 2-5 cubic meters per minute. The AP35 complies with Semiconductor clean room guidelines, USP 797 Insitu Airflow Analysis and ISO 14644-3 visual airflow requirements to provide 3D airflow modeling in clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms and medical rooms. The AP35 costs nearly the same as competing ultra pure fog generators, yet provides 3X more fog volume, 2X more fog density and 2X more visual airflow distances.